Project Ethics

PMP Code of Professional Ethics

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This chapter covers PMI's code of Professional Conduct. The PMP code of Professional Conduct is defined here

  1. Culture Shock refers to the initial disorientation that a person first experiences when visiting a country other than his own.
  2. Ethnocentrism is a typical belief that one's culture is superior to the foreigner's culture.
  3. PMP's Code of Professional Conduct is a document provided by PMI. It is a guide to Project Managers on how to conduct as a professional.
  4. PMP aspirants need to provide accurate and truthful information through out the application process. Any violations can lead to disciplinary action.
  5. If a project team member or the project manager has a conflict of interest, then it must be brought into notice of all the stake-holders, to prevent any appearance of improperiety. As an example of this consider a case where a Project Manager is evaluating some vendors. Lets assume the Project Manager has friendship with one of the vendors. In such a situation, the Project Manager should let all the stakeholders know, and offer herself to be excluded out of the evaluation process.
  6. The confidentiality of any intellectual property information that a PMP professional works with, must be maintained.
  7. Any information that a PMP provides to general public must be accurate and truthful.
  8. A PMP must not accept any form of inappropriate gifts. Similarly a PMP must not offer inappropriate compensation for personal gains.

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