Questions on Project Human Reosurces Management


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  1. Which of the following Enterprise Environmental factors is NOT a relevant input for Human Resource Planning process:
    1. Organizational Chart Tempates
    2. Supervisor-subordinate relationships
    3. Technical competencies of project staff
    4. Individual goals and agendas of project stakeholders
  2. Which of the following is the most important element of Project Management Plan that is useful in HR Planning process:
    1. Risk Management activities
    2. Quality Assurance activities
    3. Activity Resource requirements
    4. Budget Control activities
    CORRECT: C. Activity Resource requirements is a primary input to HR Planning. It is used to determine the human resource needs of the project.
  3. All of the following can be used to document team member roles and responsibilities EXCEPT:
    1. Hierarchical-type Organizational Chart
    2. Matrix-based Responsibility Chart
    3. Text-oriented Format
    4. Functional Chart
    CORRECT: D. Functional Chart is not listed in PMBOK as a type of Organizational Chart
  4. Resource Breakdown Structure is an example of:
    1. Hierarchical-type Organizational Chart
    2. Responsibility Assignment Matrix
    3. Text-oriented Format
    4. Functional Chart
  5. Which of the following types of Organizational Charts can be BEST used to track project costs :
    1. Hierarchical-type Organizational Chart
    2. Organizational Breakdown Structure
    3. Resource Breakdown Structure
    4. Responsibility Assignment Matrix
    CORRECT: C. A RBS can be aligned with Organization’s accounting system
  6. Which of the following is not true for a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM):
    1. Defines what project team is responsible for each WBS component
    2. Defines what project member is responsible for each activity
    3. Text description of roles, responsibilities, authorities
    4. Defines all people associated with each activity
  7. Competencies developed as a result of project performance appraisals conducted during the controlling process of project management are an example of:
    1. Unplanned Training
    2. Planned Training
    3. Project Performance Measurement output
    4. Recognition and Rewards
  8. War room creation during project deployment phase is an example of:
    1. Team Building activity
    2. Establishing Ground Rules
    3. Co-Location
    4. General Management Skills
  9. Building a virtual team for a project will limit the usability of which of the following tools and techniques for Team Development:
    1. Team Building
    2. Establishing Ground Rules
    3. Co-Location
    4. Reward and Recognitions
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