Questions on Project Quality Management


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Questions on Project Quality Management

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  1. Process Analysis is a function of:
    1. Performance Analysis
    2. Quality Metrics
    3. Process Improvement Plan
    4. Quality Improvement Plan
    CORRECT: C. A is incorrect as it relates to performing measurements to present performance. B is incorrect as it relates to the specific measurements that shall be performed on the project work in order to measure quality. C is correct because process analysis
  2. Root Cause Analysis relates to:
    1. Process Analysis
    2. Quality Audits
    3. Quality Control Measurements
    4. Performance Measurements
    CORRECT: A. The option B is incorrect because a Quality Audit is to identify inefficiencies, non-compliance in project activities. It does not necessarily identify the root cause.
  3. Trend Analysis is often performed using:
    1. Cause and Effect Diagram
    2. Control Charts
    3. Pareto Chart
    4. Run Chart
    CORRECT: D. Run Chart shows the past pattern of variation. Trend Analysis involves forecasting the future trend based on past performance.
  4. A Pareto diagram can be best described as:
    1. Cause and Effect Diagram
    2. Scatter Chart
    3. Control Chart
    4. Histogram
    CORRECT: D. Note that Pareto diagram is not the best tool for root-cause analysis. It mainly helps the project management team to quantify and categories the defects/issues according to sources (e.g. engineering defects, acoustic defects, setup problems, etc)
  5. A planning phase for an engineering component generated 80 engineering drawings. The QA team randomly selected 8 drawings for inspection. This exercise can BEST be described as example of:
    1. Inspection
    2. Statistical Sampling
    3. Flowcharting
    4. Control Charting
    CORRECT: B. "Inspection” is what the team is doing on individual drawings; however, the entire exercise of random selection and inspecting a work product is known as “Statistical Sampling”
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