Questions on Project Scope Management


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Questions on Project Scope Management

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  1. Completion of a product scope is measured against:
    1. Product Management Plan
    2. Project Management Plan
    3. WBS & WBS Dictionary
    4. Product Requirements
  2. All of the below are inputs to Define Scope process EXCEPT:
    1. Project Charter
    2. Requirements Document
    3. Organizational process assets
    4. Project Management Plan
  3. Validated deliverables is an input to which of the following processes?
    1. Collect Requirements
    2. Define Scope
    3. Create WBS
    4. Validate Scope
    CORRECT: D. Validated Deliverables are output of Perform Quality Control process and acts as inputs to Validate Scope process.
  4. Project Charter is an input to all of the following processes EXCEPT:
    1. Collect requirements
    2. Define Scope
    3. Create WBS
    4. Develop Project Management Plan
    CORRECT: C. Project Charter is input to all these processes except Create WBS.
  5. Work Performance Measurement is an output of which process:
    1. Define Scope
    2. Create WBS
    3. Validate Scope
    4. Control Scope
    CORRECT: D. Work performance measurement is an output of Control Scope
  6. If the project is terminated early, the level and extent of completion should be documented. This is done as a part of:
    1. Define Scope
    2. Create WBS
    3. Validate Scope
    4. Control Scope
  7. Validate Scope can be BEST described as the process of
    1. Validating that the project quality requirements have been met
    2. Obtaining stakeholder's formal acceptance of the project deliverables
    3. Controlling changes to the scope of the project
    4. Validating that all of the project's objectives have been met
    CORRECT: B. Validate Scope is the process of obtaining the stakeholders' formal acceptance of the completed project scope and associated deliverables. [PMBOK Pg. 123]
  8. Which of the following can be BEST described as a characteristic of Work Package?
    1. May or may not be cost estimated
    2. Can be scheduled
    3. Can be further decomposed into work packages
    4. May be monitored subject to nature of the project
    CORRECT: B. Work Package is the lowest level in the WBS, and is the point, at which it can be reliably scheduled, cost estimated, monitored and controlled.
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